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About Reflexology


Reflexology is based on the principle that the whole body is reflected in the feet and that reflexes in the feet relate to all of the body’s structures & their functions. With the application of thumb & finger pressures on these reflex points it is possible to affect the corresponding points in the body, stimulating it to restore its natural balance.

Today’s fast paced lifestyle takes its toll on all of us, resulting in imbalances in the body, which manifest in feelings of stress, tiredness, aches & pains and a depleted immune system. Reflexology can help to restore the body’s balance.

Reflexology for Labour Induction

Reflexology to induce labour is one of the most popular methods for natural birth. Regular reflexology treatments balance the hormones, regulate the digestive system, strengthen muscle and bone with renewed circulation and boost the immune system. However manipulating specific pressure points on the feet correlating to the uterus, cervix, ovaries, genitals and endocrine [hormone] system can give these key points a boost of energy to help ‘kickstart’ the natural labour process.

Reflexology for labour induction will not push a pre-term mother and baby who are not physically ready for birth into labour. Reflexology instead stimulates the body into committing to the process of labour only if it is ready to do so, thus potentially avoiding the need for artificial methods of labour induction.

Reflexology on the whole can be enjoyed purely as a pleasant & relaxing treatment, which leaves you feeling refreshed and revitalised. It can also have far reaching benefits including:

  • clearing the body’s healing pathways
  • reducing stress & tension; inducing deep relaxation
  • improving circulation of blood & lymph
  • clearing toxins & impurities; promoting well-being
  • unlocking nerve impulses; relieving headaches
  • reducing pain of repetitive strain injury; aiding concentration
  • reducing back pain; reducing PMS symptoms
  • improving bowel movements
  • aid digestion

    Reflexology can also assist in relieving the symptoms of eczema. It will not cause harm or worsen any condition. At the end of a treatment session, the only side effect is that your feet will truly feel great!

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